St Joseph Catholic School


Community: We foster a strong sense of belonging and unity among students, staff, and families.

St. Joseph's is a kind and welcoming community where students and families are greeted warmly by friendly staff each day.

Our school and parish community encompasses a diverse group of individuals and families, from households ranging from single people to families who are just starting out to those who have called the parish "home" for several generations. We are fortunate to have a multicultural community with families from around the world, including the Philippines, Zimbabwe, India, China, and Vietnam. This diversity embodies the universal faith of Christ across all nations and cultures. The Parish Pastoral Team features Fr. Philip Marshall, Deacon Arturo and school APRIM, who are dedicated to supporting our community.

St. Joseph’s School extends its community involvement beyond fundraising and charity work by providing access to its facilities and offering professional development opportunities. The school also contributes its staff's expertise to regional events such as choir and SAPSASA and hosts sports clinics and carnivals. St. Joseph's fosters strong relationships with systemic primary schools, as well as community health and care organisations and groups.