St Joseph Catholic School



At the end of 2022, the school implemented a new school uniform and branding as we extended schooling to cater for Middle Years (7-9). We will continue in 2024 by consulting with the community to add other uniform items to suit our school context and support families in reducing costs. Updates will be provided as we progress.

R-6: Smart Play uniform with appropriate sports sneakers for everyday wear.

7-9: Formal 'Day' Uniform (corporate style, body-appropriate) with black sports or formal shoes for non-sport days.
Sports Uniform: Preferred on allocated Physical/Outdoor Education and sports days, with appropriate sports sneakers.






Over-the-ankle navy school socks with stripes and wide-brimmed school hats with logo available at St. Vinnies.
Plain navy over-the-ankle high socks can be purchased elsewhere and worn with all uniform items if preferred.

School Bags:

Available for purchase at St. Vinnies.

Additional Notes:

Navy is the dominant uniform colour. If correct items are unavailable, children must wear plain (no logos) navy items until uniforms can be sourced.
For warmth, students can wear navy stockings and long-sleeved tops under sports t-shirts, as well as navy puffer jackets, beanies, scarves, and gloves before and after school.