St Joseph Catholic School


Here, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

"The school offers a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere. We feel confident and comfortable sending our child here each day. They enjoy being part of this inclusive community." Guardian comment.


At St. Joseph's School, we are committed to inclusivity and welcome families from all cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds. In our Catholic tradition, we are proud to offer an educational environment that upholds the values of Community, Co-operation, Respect, Kindness, Compassion and Inclusion for all. Families of non and all faiths are warmly embraced and can find a supportive community here.

St Joseph's is a non-government school that operates differently from the private school classification. As such, our funding comes from the Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) system, which does not receive complete government funding. The school relies on school fees to cover its operational costs, which enables us to maintain our high standard of education for students from Reception through Year 9. Our aim is to ensure that no child is denied access to Catholic education. Detailed information regarding our school fees can be found in our enrolment pack, which is provided to guardians during the enrolment process.

Guardians will need to purchase school uniforms, which are available from St. Vincent de Paul in Murray Bridge. Incursions and excursions, such as camps, the Catholic Schools Choir, SAPSASA, and the Children's University Adelaide, are heavily subsidised to ensure all students can participate in these extracurricular activities. Additionally, all stationery and, technological devices and programs are provided at no extra cost.

At St Joseph's, we offer three classes per year level, from Reception to Year 5. For Year 6, there are two classes. We have a separate Middle Years building dedicated to Years 7 through to 9. Catholic Education South Australia provides formal maximum enrolment guidelines; however, St Joseph's strives to maintain class sizes that allow for the best educational experience for all students. In the primary years, class sizes are maintained below or near 20-23 students per class.

Our school is dedicated to catering to all students, especially those who require specific instruction and care to support their learning journey. This includes students with disabilities as well as those who need extension in areas of strength. We have a specialised counsellor, an occupational therapist on site, and allied health professionals who visit our school regularly to provide support to their clients. We aim to ensure every student can access the resources and support they need to thrive.

Teachers design our educational programs to suit our context and in accordance with the Australian Curriculum, Catholic Education South Australia's Crossways Religious Education Curriculum, and the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum. Teachers develop Personal Plans for Learning (PPLs) for students who require adjustments to their learning program. For more detailed information, please visit our curriculum page. We provide specialist teachers for Music & Choir, Physical Education, Chinese (Mandarin), Visual Arts, Library, Agri-Education and Multi-Lit Intervention programs MiniLit (Rec-Year 2) and MacqLIt (Year 3 – Year 9).

The students are encouraged daily to embrace the core values of respect, community, inclusion, compassion, kindness, and cooperation. Through restorative practice, staff guide students in reflecting on their behaviour and its impact on others, helping them take responsibility for their actions. Restorative practices are used to foster a positive classroom and yard play environment to resolve conflicts and build relationships. This approach encourages strong, resilient, and independent individuals by focusing on the present and future rather than dwelling on the past.

 Camp Australia Leaflet

St. Joseph's provides a diverse range of opportunities for students to engage in enriching experiences beyond the standard curriculum. We offer extracurricular activities in sleepovers, camps, sports, music, choir, technologies, and visual arts, as well as student leadership groups that cater to various student interests. Annually, students are encouraged to participate in community events such as the ANZAC Dawn Service, Children's University Adelaide, NAIDOC Bridge Walk, and Catholic Schools Festival Choir.

Guardians have numerous opportunities to actively participate in the educational experiences of students at St. Joseph's. A Catholic Education Police Check is required for those assisting in these roles. Opportunities for involvement include supporting in the school canteen, attending excursions and camps, assisting during Sports Day and SAPSASA events, and providing classroom support through activities such as listening to reading. Guardians may also attend special events like Pancake Tuesday and Mary MacKillop Day. Additionally, guardians can take on a more formal role on the School Board, contributing to policy and financial decisions within the school.

Clear and effective communication is crucial for keeping our students, staff, guardians, and the community well-informed and facilitating informed decision-making. We use platforms such as Seesaw and the website for newsletters and email families regularly. We post updates on the school's Facebook page. 

St. Joseph's offers a school canteen open five days a week, providing meals that cater to a variety of dietary and nutritional needs. In addition, Camp Australia operates an out-of-school hours care (OSHC) program during term time and school holidays, which can be accessed through their website: For students residing in Mannum, the school provides daily bus transportation to and from school at a minimal cost, offering a more affordable option compared to the public bus service, LINK SA, in Murray Bridge town and district.