St Joseph Catholic School


Here you will find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

If your question isn't here - or you would like further information - please don't hesitate to contact the School office.  We'll be pleased to speak with you.

No. We are an inclusive school and families from all faith groups and denominations as well as those seeking a Christian education are welcome at St Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s is a non government school and therefore does not receive full government funding. The school relies on the payment of school fees to cover all operational costs which allow us to continue in our delivery of an excellent primary school education.

More information about our school fees can be found on the Fees page.

Reception and Year 1 have a maximum enrolment of 25 students. Years 2 to Year 7 have a maximum of 29 students per class. Years 8 to Year 9 have a maximum of 30 students per class.

Part of what makes St Joseph’s School strong is the energy and creativity of its volunteers. There are endless ways to become involved, whether you’re interested in supporting special events, helping out in a classroom or on an excursion or participating in fundraising projects.  We welcome and appreciate your gift of time.

You can provide help by: 

  • Assisting in the classroom or canteen
  • Assisting with excursions
  • Attending School camps
  • Assisting on Sports Day
  • Contributing through membership of the School Board

Visit our page dedicated to How to Volunteer.

Our students transition to many schools at the end of year 9.  We have close working relationships with:

We have a maximum number of students in each year level, once this is reached we open a waiting list.

Camp Australia operates OSHC facilities at the school full details available on their website

OSHC facilities are also available at Murray Bridge North School which is located directly adjacent to St Joseph’s. Students are escorted to and from the facility at the beginning and end of each day.  For more information, please contact the Director on 8531 0179.


 Camp Australia Leaflet

Numerous buses accessible to St Joseph’s students operate within Murray Bridge and to outlying areas.

The service you may require is dependent on where you reside.

For further information about routes and services, please contact Link SA on 8532 2633.