St Joseph Catholic School

Our Facilities


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Performing Arts Centre

Our purpose-built Performing Arts Centre plays host to a wonderful array of school events including plays, concerts, debates, dance productions, assemblies and lectures. With interchangeable style seating, updated staging, lighting and sound equipment, it provides a fitting venue for our students’ performances. There are private breakout rooms connected to the Performing Arts Centre which allows private instruction for a number of instruments.



Resource Centre

At St. Joseph’s School the students have an opportunity to access our Resource Centre which is well resourced with fiction and non-fiction texts and accessible Information and Communication Technologies. Each class has a weekly session that allows the students to regularly borrow books, which can be enjoyed in the shared reading areas, the outdoor reading garden or within the allocated work spaces.

The Resource Centre is also a place where we celebrate our school community and often there are cultural displays or awards which students have received.


Food Technology Centre
Building Redevelopment 3

Food Technology Centre

We understand how important food is in many aspects of our lives, not just for our health and valuable life skills but the social, ethical, economic and sustainability considerations in the development of food products. Our Food technology program will be based around the Australian Curriculum for Years 7 to 9 students.

The classes will be taught in our purpose-built state of the art Food Technology space featuring top of the range cooking facilities and our co-located classroom for theory and discussion. Food Technology at St Joseph’s is an interdisciplinary area of study that encompasses hospitality, food science, nutrition and community engagement and builds capacity in critical and creative decision making, collaboration and problem-solving skills.



Flexible Learning areas & Multi Purpose rooms

The new learning communities will feature additional flexibility, creating spaces for groups of different sizes. There are small breakout rooms throughout the space so groups of students can work collaboratively. There is also the ability to open the space to bring all students on a grade level team together for large group activities.

Flexible Learning areas & Multi Purpose rooms
OSHC (Out of School Hours Care)

OSHC (Out of School Hours Care)

Our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program is run by Camp Australia on the grounds of St Joseph’s school.  Once school has finished your child can leave the classroom and be playing soccer, eating a healthy snack or learning how to play a board game.