St Joseph Catholic School

Supporting your child

We cater individual these needs and differences through timely support, a differentiated curriculum and very flexible teaching and learning resources...

Our children range in age from Reception to Year 7 and come from a very diverse range of social, ethnic, religious, faith and cultural backgrounds.

Some children may need additional support, intervention or challenge at some stage of their learning journey to help them reach their potential.

We are very successful in developing in children a strong sense of self-discipline and shared responsibility.  As a result, the behaviour and relationships throughout the school are very positive.

One of our key strengths as a school is that we focus on our core purpose of teaching and learning. We believe good teaching, boosting children’s self-esteem, giving children responsibility and respect and a calm, positive atmosphere enable us to make sure that disruptive or challenging behaviour is rarely seen within this school.

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The wellbeing of all our students is paramount at St Joseph’s School. Students are supported in many ways

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Wellbeing Programs

Whole class and school programs and resources like the PEACE Program, BeYou and Mind Up, help children to develop skills to enhance their social and emotional wellbeing and build personal resilience. We also offer small group programs to different year levels depending on need. “What’s the Buzz?” and Peaceful Kids are programs that are run to encourage students to use positive behaviour and mindset strategies, enabling them to enhance their interactions with others. 

At selected times, trained professionals from outside agencies, come into the school to run group sessions with our older students. These sessions particularly focus on self-esteem and confidence building. 

Our School Counsellor provides a valued and trusted adult with whom young people can connect with. Students can seek support from the Counsellor about issues which affect them socially, emotionally and academically. Peer mentoring and community engagement are key factors that support wellbeing by creating connections and a sense of ‘welcome’ for your child within the broader student body.

Our students will be supported to become thriving people, capable learners and leaders for the world they desire.