St Joseph Catholic School

Vision and values

Community ∙ Co-operation ∙ Respect ∙ Kindness ∙ Compassion ∙ Inclusion

Our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do at St Joseph's...

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We are a Catholic School with a multi-faith community that includes parents, staff and students, and the wider Catholic community where God is named and recognised. We reflect Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church in our policies, structures and relationships.

Our school provides for the education of children of the Catholic community by maintaining its distinctive character as a Catholic school while remaining open to the genuine desire of Catholic families along with families from a full range of backgrounds in our community who seek a Christian education for their children.

We are open to the genuine desire of families of other Christian denominations who choose a Christian education for their children and rely on commitment from students, parents, staff and the wider Catholic community as well as the Catholic Education System in supporting all aspects of school life.

St. Joseph’s School is a space of learning, creating, innovating and reimagining. We are engaged learners, relationship builders, empowered creators and inquisitive thinkers.

What we promote
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What we promote

  • The teachings and love of Jesus in the tradition of the Josephite philosophy by always being aware of the simple aspects of life.
  • Education for the full potential of the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, aesthetic and social according to individual gifts and talents.
  • Co-operation rather than competition.
  • A place of creativity, joy and welcome which values tolerance, compassion, generosity, a sense of humour and the ability to listen.
  • The development of a life-long love of learning.
  • The guidance of students towards self-discipline and personal responsibility.