St Joseph Catholic School

Vision and values

Community ∙ Co-operation ∙ Respect ∙ Kindness ∙ Compassion ∙ Inclusion

St Joseph's School Murray Bridge is a community of kindness. Ours is a place that knows every child and gently guides each one to uncover who they are. To us, the wellbeing of our students always comes first, and it's their voices that shape our learning environment, one that's respectful and safe for all. We provide a Reception to Year 9 Catholic curriculum, focusing on those exciting discovery years of education. Our offering also embraces the Josephite tradition, where small acts of kindness have the power to become extraordinary.

We acknowledge and respect that we exist within the central homelands of the Ngarrindjeri people and appreciate the diverse cultures we’re a part of in and around Murray Bridge.

We form meaningful relationships with our students and families as this helps us to understand each individual and tailor our learning to what suits them. It's through cooperation and compassion that we can bring to light the best in every child. We also create genuine connections with our community and strive to make everyone feel included, building upon the positive work of Mary MacKillop and how she nurtured a strong sense of belonging among so many.

Together, we make a difference in the lives of our students because we know their St Joseph's experience becomes part of who they are, and who they are makes a difference to the world.