St Joseph Catholic School

Our Uniform

Our school uniform is an integral part of our school culture

Our uniform reinforces a sense of pride and identity as well as establishing patterns of good grooming and self-discipline. Every effort must be made by all students to be neatly dressed and groomed.

The wearing of the full correct uniform is compulsory and parents are reminded of their responsibility to support the school in this matter. The school hat is part of the uniform and is to be worn when students are participating in outdoor activities. St Joseph's has a Sunsmart Policy, the No Hat No play rule applies throughout the year.


General principles

  • All students are expected to wear the correct uniform while at school
  • There are three uniforms: Summer - Term 1 and 4, Winter – Term 2 and 3 and sports on designated days
  • Hair longer than collar length (for girls and boys) should be tied up with hair ties
  • Extreme hairstyles, eg mohawks, rats tails, hair colouring, etc are not permitted
  • Jewellery including watch, sleeper/stud earrings and small religious symbols on chains are permitted provided children’s safety is guaranteed
  • Other than when wearing Sports Uniform, both girls and boys must wear their shirts tucked in
  • All uniform items should be clearly marked with the child’s name
  • On designated casual days clothing should be discreet and modest and footwear should be appropriate
  • A uniform reminder note will be issued to students who are not wearing the correct uniform


Where to get the uniform

All school uniform items are available from VINNIES STORE located at 11 Second Street, Murray Bridge. You can book a fitting on-line at or phone VINNIES direct on 8532 6699.

VINNIES are open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9am to 5pm.