St Joseph Catholic School

Hills-Murray Catholic Schools Partnership

Three Catholic Schools across the Hills-Murray region formed to create the Hills-Murray Catholic Schools Partnership, working together to allow continuity of a Catholic education and connection between our schools.

The Catholic Schools of the Hills-Murray schools network have a great deal in common beyond our shared core values.

 Each of our schools is committed to providing opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially, emotionally and spirituality. We believe strongly in the link between student learning and wellbeing and consequently, prioritise personal development that provides the opportunity for every student to be the best that they can be in their learning.

The three schools' common commitment to our students and families is also evident through the shared events that occur on an annual basis. 'Celebration of Learning Day' at St Francis provides opportunities for St Joseph's and St Catherine's students to experience the learning environments unique to a secondary setting. Our Tri-schools Sports Carnival brings together Year 5 and 6 students in a day of great community and celebration. Our shared faith commitment is also celebrated annually when the staff of all three schools come together during January for a combined staff mass.

Our commitment to you, the families of the Hills-Murray region, is that all three schools of our network will work hard for you to deliver the best possible outcomes for your children.

Ros Oates, Principal St Joseph's School

John Low, Principal St Catherine's School

Gavin McGlaughlin, Principal St Francis de Sales College


St Catherine's School (Stirling)

'Together in faith, learning and community.'


St Catherine's strives to develop the whole child through contemporary 21st Century learning, a strong sense of community and stewardship of the earth, to become active global citizens. We build relationships that nurture and uphold the dignity of all. Our faith is embedded in all aspects of our school ensuring a religious dimension in all that we do.


St Catherine's is inspired and informed by the Dominican Charism and the Dominican motto Veritas, referring to our desire to seek and embrace truth and what is right and just.

Respect  Commitment  Sustainability  Honesty  Compassion

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Girl on Playground

St Joseph's School (Murray Bridge)

'Together we journey the river to future discoveries.'


Our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do St Joseph's. Our holistic and child focused approach proudly continues the Josephite tradition.

We are a community of faith that includes parents, staff and students, and the wider school community where God is named and recognised. We reflect Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church in our policies, structures and relationships.

Our school provides for the education of children of the Catholic community by maintaining its distinctive character as a Catholic school, while remaining open to the genuine desire of Catholic families along with families from a full range of backgrounds in our community who seek a Christian education for their children.


Community  Cooperation  Respect  Kindness  Compassion  Inclusion


St Francis de Sales College (Mount Barker)

'Be who you are and be that well.'


Grounded in our Catholic values and working in partnership with families, we want all community members to understand they are known and loved as an individual made in the image of God.

We provide a contemporary and inclusive education that through engagement, relationship and collaboration, empowers students to be self-motivated, creative and courageous learners.

We develop in our students a growth mindset with which they may aspire to achieve their own personal excellence in all aspects of their school life, so as confident graduates they can positively impact their local and global community.


Faith  Compassion  Respect  Integrity  Justice  Perseverance  Wisdom

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St Joseph's students participating in a 'Celebration of Learning Day' at St Francis de Sales College