St Joseph Catholic School

Pedal Prix

"It's fun and it gets you active. It is also enjoyable because you get to go to all these different places"

- Finn (2019 Pedal Prix Team)

Pedal Prix is a sport that is run on an international scale at a range of levels. In our area, St Joseph School competes with 160 – 250 bikes, all on the track at the same time. These bikes vary in structure and aerodynamics. Entries from primary schools, high schools and universities are accepted.

St Joseph’s School has a dedicated Pedal Prix team. Pedal Prix Coordinator, Prue Boland, has worked tirelessly over many years to ensure the success of the sport at our school. This success is also made possible by the supportive parents of St Joseph’s School who are committed to fundraising and early morning starts.

“What separates St Joseph’s from (other schools) is how inclusive this sport is to the school children, we really do display the school’s motto ‘In all things Kindness’ as every child can participate and to the level of their ability… you can have a go and feel great about yourself because you tried”

- Carla Lynch (Committed St Joseph’s School Parent)



The Pedal Prix can not happen without the generous support of our sponsors, Our 2021 Pedal Prix Sponsors are:


Cottage Box Chocolates
Daish Irrigation & fodder
Grandisons Mens & Boyswear
Wise Crash Repairs 
Ben Gregory Massage
Jacksons 4 x 4 
Kennewell CNC Machining
Murraylands Ink 


Murray Bridge Recycling

N V Accounting
Adrian Pederick MP
Murray Machining & Sheds 
Bombay Beat 
First National Real Estate 
B & L Cox Electrica
Aj's Homestore 
Y P Services
Thomas Foods 



Sully Lock and Key 

Perrey, Bozzetti and Associates 

Wittwer Motors 

McCues Bakery 



2021  Update

This year, the school Pedal Prix team competed in two events, one at The Bend Motorsport Park and the other at Victoria Park in Adelaide. Under the excellent guidance of Team Manager John Osman, the students rode relentlessly over the two, six hour events. The two bikes, 'St Joseph' and 'The Spirit' performed admirably in both events, finishing in the middle of the pack for their category. You can catch some of the action in this little video.

Thank you to all of the students and parents for supporting this wonderful event. A huge thank you also to our wonderful sponsors, without whom we would not be able to go racing.


 St Joseph’s Pedal Prix Team competed in previous years at the Victoria Park Race Meeting. 

The Big Bike (Number 149) – “The Spirt” finished overall 100 out of 160 bikes and completed 106 laps in the 6 hours
The Small Bike (Number 141) – “St Joseph” finished overall 96 out of 160 bikes and completed 107 laps in the 6 hours
In our own category we excelled as a Team:
The Big Bike (Number 149) – “The Spirt” finished overall 24 out of 64 bikes.
The Small Bike (Number 141) – “St Joseph” finished overall 20 out of 64 bikes.
These are terrific results that reflect the team spirit, hard work and dedication put in by all of our riders, Prue Boland, Team Managers and other parents.